The Guernsey Yacht Club offers a wide range of opportunities for racing across an extensive range of different classes.

Yacht classes are separated into racers and cruisers, and in most cases, results are provided for both classes. Racing takes place on Thursday evenings and weekends during the spring, summer and autumn with courses set of St Peter Port in the Little Russel. There are also longer races during the year to Alderney and the coast of France.

Our flagship sailing race is held every year between Guernsey and Jersey with the direction alternating each year. It is a fantastic opportunity for a wide range of yachts from the largest and fastest to the smallest and slowest to compete together. Lots of prizes are available, so there is plenty of opportunities to win. There is no certainty that the fastest yachts will win when handicaps are applied. In recent years the event has been opened up to the fast catamarans adding some real speed to the day.

Dinghy classes are split into various classes depending on speed. Racing takes place during the season in the Little Russel on Tuesday evenings and at weekends.

New to Racing

If you are a cruising sailor, the first few times racing can be daunting. The yacht cruiser class is competitive but with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of encouragement from other competitors to get involved. Many skippers have started in this class, initially pleased to get to the start, then to the finish. Over time skills improve and they begin to move up the placing and win some races.

Spinnakers are not compulsory, and your handicap will reflect whether you fly one. Often confidence improves, and even novice racers decide they want to move on from just “white sails”.

Crew Searches

Skippers look for crew and crew look for boats to sail on. Whether you have sailing experience or not, if you would like to get involved the best place to look is the GYC crew search Facebook page. Alternatively, get in touch with the club.